Friday, May 2, 2014

How I get out on time (Tick tock) with kids

I’m well-known for rushing out the house.  I'm a pro on fighting against obstacle that might come up when trying to get out the house on time with the kids
I have three boys and now a baby girl!  I’ve been a working mother for over 11 years. My oldest son will be 12 in August, so I was the queen of rushing out the house, to get to work on time. But then BANG!!!  I was hit with a newborn baby. That’s where the tricky situation began all over again.

So here are some of my helpful tips on getting out on time;
-Have your kids bathe at night time.         
-Make sure they have their uniforms/ clothes ready from socks to sweater ready to go the night before.

- (Mom) Get your outfit together (including; shoes, accessories and jewelry).

-Also make sure they have their backpacks with all their supplies (books, homework, pencils, lunch money and ECT). 

- (Mom) have your purse ready too, wallet, KEYS, inside the purse. You have no idea how many times I was late because I forgot where my keys were at.

- Now for the baby; make sure you have diapers, wipes, formula, extra clothes, an extra hat, socks, pack in the baby bag the night before. Don’t forget her baby toys we need her distracted in the car ride and we want her to have some familiar toys at daycare.

-Since my daughter is on formula.  I make sure formula is in the bag, and all bottle are clean with amount of water measure to just pour in formula.

- Then plan out your morning and make time for everything. If you have to take out the trash, or want to do your hair, feed the baby or even watch the last 10 minutes of the show you didn’t finish and had to DVR it.  Just give yourself the appropriate amount of time for each thing.

-and THEN give yourself a couple extra minutes in the day because with kids, something always happens.

-Remember set your alarm! If it’s hard for you to wake up with your alarm, set it earlier, snooze then get up on your second alarm which should be set to the time you really need to get up.

- For (Breakfast) I make smoothies the night before and put them in a mason jar. Make something fulfilling for you and the kids or make two jars one for you and another for the kids.  Then in the morning just pour breakfast ;). (Ideas- milk, yogurt, and fruit *remember quick and easy). There is also Leggos, morning hot pockets or pop tarts to pop in the microwave or toaster.

I also have an automatic coffee brewer. I have it set for 5 in morning so when I get up I have fresh coffee ready for me. It makes my morning so much better. (You’ll understand if you’re a coffee drinker).

It may seem a lot at first. But then it’ll become a routine and it would feel much  
easier. Once I started organizing myself and actually doing it my morning felt nicer. I even had time to have relaxing conversation with the boys. I then added 5-10 extra minutes to my morning schedule to play with the baby for a while.

“Remember seize the day”!!!

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