Thursday, April 1, 2010

Be Differet, be unique, be's okay!

Don't dare to be different, dare to be yourself if that doesn't
make you different then something is wrong.”

We all have those days that we feel more different that we already are. But as I’m getting older I realized that I don’t mind it at all. Yeah, I’m different more ways than others, from some of my friends, co-worker and even family members.
Like yeah…,

I like watching YouTube ghost videos (even if they might be fake),

Yeah, I like listening to Rock even when I’m wearing my pink heels or my pink lipstick,

Yeah, I listen to rap in the office,

Yeah, I do smell all the food I eat, before I eat it,

Yeah, I sniff myself all the time
(I love my bath body and Victoria secret lotions),

Yeah, I sleep talk,

Yeah, I hate melted cheese but love pizza,

Yeah I’m shy but love talking a lot,

Yeah, I like thug guys and nerd (older) boys,

Yeah, I’m a neat freak (Everything has to be perfect),

And Yeah, I like my cup o’ noodles with sour cream. (TRY IT, it’s good).

Some of you guys might like one but not the other. Its okay if we all like the same things, there would not be enough sour cream and cup o’ noodles for all of us. I remember when I hated talking Spanish because most of my friend only spoke English. Now, I’m proud that I can and I do it more often. My friends even ask me to teach them some words. So be unique, be yourself, its okay. Like they say don’t judge the book by its cover because you might think that my pink lipstick tell you everything about me… but you’re wrong. =]



  1. I really like this post! I remember when i was younger how embarrassed i used to be that i was allot different from my friends and family i tried to hide it. Silly me, and just like you, now that im older i have stopped calling myself weird or different cuz those words hurt me. But being unique doesn't. Cuz no one ever forgets a unique person! I love being me!!

  2. awesome post! i love the whole idea of getting behind yourself and really backing yourself up like this! i may need to steal this idea...


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