Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Late I'm Late for an Improtant date.

For the month of May.

So this is what’s up for May….

May 22, 2010 was my son Birthday party… It was my little big boy birthday. Christopher Mathew Gonsalez turned 4 on May 19, 2010. We told him that this year his party would be at Chucky Cheese. He was not so happy about the idea. He wanted to have his Birthday at home like we do usually. He likes when I decorate the backyard with his favorite action figure. However, budget was shorter and it’s a lot more work to have a party at home. So I wanted to try something different. However, I can say going to chucky Cheese is not all that cheaper and the service was okay. I found myself having to go find the servants several times. I organized the party for just close friends and family however it turned out that more people came by which was ok. It’s hard to mingle with many people when you’re the only host.
My son loved his party. He kept telling me that he had lots of fun. It was so sweet 2 days later before going to sleep he sat up and looked at me and said “Mom, Thanks you for my birthday party”. I was like “Awww! You welcome my baby”. Moments like those make all worth it, the money, the time, and everything else.

His reaction to Chucky... (He realize he didn't like him after all) and Andrew enjoy catching some tickets for him.

Make up for party... simple and greyish w/a slight purpley cute.

For last year's party… I went for the action figure theme. My son loves Spiderman so I decorated it... Spiderman. The only thing I couldn’t find to make this a picture perfect decoration was spider web.

Year before that....

Chris long hair before his Birthday hair cut. He's playing the part well... right? Before bed time he enjoy's reading my Political Science book.

On another note, on May we got the enjoyment of shopping for MAC Back to the Beach collection. I loved many things from this collection. So I picked up 2 eye shadows, a lipstick, a lip gloss, a lip pencil, a eye kohl, and a blush.

Sweet & Punchy


Hipness- Blush

Life's A Breeze- Lip Pencil

Float on By- Eye Kohl

I also got Thrills(Frost) Lipstick and Flurry Of Fun- Lip glass which I will be blogging about separately. I love them both.

Seeing all these new previews on Eclipse has been one of my highlights for the month of may. Now that were in June's I'm more excited than ever. The movie is out on June 30, 2010. A couple more days and I'm beyond excited about it.

So I ordered this about a month ago. However, I have not had a chance to blog about it. I absolutely love the 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil. It works great and it does not smear. The lid primer is my most favorite thing and I use every day. I'm still more in love with my Smashbox lid primer but Urban decay passes. I don't really use mascara because of my eye lash extensions but it seems good. I'm not crazy about the lip gloss or the lipstick. It's okay.

My every day look...

During the month of May I took many trips to Pinkberry. I love pinkberry so much. I would have it every day if I could. The only thing that bothers me is that there are not enough of them. Also their not really local.

Hope you guys had a wonderful month!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

More than a Break Up

We all had a lost love, some of us more truly than others.
I had that boyfriend that
I loved, Care and spent every free second of my days with.
I had the boyfriend that made me
shy, happy, smile and dance around in my kitchen with socks on.
I lost him to some other guys.
They took his life. They took him out of my life.
It hurt way more than I expected and even though it’s been years
since it happened it still hurts and I still miss him more than ever.
I was in the love stage. The “I can’t live without him stage”…
so when he was taken I really felt like I couldn’t live without him.
That day I found out, I cried all day. The next day, I did too.
The third day, it felt unreal and I felt unreal. I felt like a lost soul in an empty world.
In a way I want to believe that it was the same as a break up.
The he left me “break-up”, the he cheated “brake up”, the he wanted someone else “break up”.
I tried so hard to convince myself of all these things.
But truly I know that’s not the case.
I sometimes wish it was, because I would hate him instead of missing him so much.
If I hated him it wouldn’t still hurt.

R.I.P Jesse Hernandez 02/14/84-09/21/2006

Loving you was easy, losing you was hard. Loving you is still easy, but knowing you are no longer here, is the hardest of it all.
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