Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Happiness!

So I wanted to post some recent purchases… I only had time for a couple but promise to get better at taking pictures and sharing. It’s shimmery, dazzling and very shiny. It was love at first sight, I had to have it.
Smashbox-Masquerade Lip Enhancing Gloss- Disguise
Same lip gloss... one is swiped the other is dabbed on.
YES! I’m obsessed with HELLO KITTY. I have way more things I recently purchased that I want to show you guys which include TWO other purses. This mirror is huge … way bigger than my hand. SANARIO $15. I also finally found some hello kitty earrings… I’ll show a better picture on another post.

Inside of my wallet... sorry covering my ID... to lazy to take it out.

Recent bookcase with recent book bought and books that had been read over and over ♥
Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
~Bo Derek

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chinatown-Golden Dragon

So I had to visit different locations of different ethnicity than mine for my Anthropology assignment. I’m thankful that my teacher asked us to do this assignment because I had an excuse to go visit China town and view a different culture. I also had a chance to break my healthy eating and try some different food.

960 North Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Dim Sum food.

It was okay but not great. I like the veggie roles and the shrimp wonton soup.

Going to Chinatown was a great experience... only had time to visit several shops but really enjoyed my time there. The music this older man was playing was so beautiful.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chris B-day!

WoW! Another year…. Just show that I’m getting older. But I like the fact that that it also means I enjoy another year with my family. So yes, it was my son’s Christopher Mathew Gonzalez Birthday again. Yes, he wanted a chucky cheese party…again. It was nice but I’m praying that next year he doesn’t want his party there.

He was very actived in getting these tickets.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Spring...

I'm totally feeling this spring...

But...Life in my school bag is insane… so many books to read, so much homework to do and so little time. Sometimes, I wish I was a twilight vampire and didn’t sleep at all. I would be able to actually have a social life, be a student, and the best mom in the world.
OMG… talking about twilight… BREAKING DAWN is coming out soon. Actually Breaking dawn is being released on my Birthday :) 11/18/2011

I got the lady gaga lipstick a while back but have started wearing more now than before. It’s kind perfect for spring…


So I recently have been more into jewelry now that ever. Spring is in the air and I’m actually feeling it. So I bought tons of different jewelry. Here are some springy earrings and ring.

L-Flower hoop earings $3.80 F21,Lacquered Floral Earrings $3.80 F21, The Flying birds ( I forgot f21 name) $3.80 F21

Ring was from “E” Styles- $5.00 she has many awesome stuff that I will show more of later on. She does have a tumblr page… www.estyles.tumblr.com
I recently got these… they don’t look much spring style but there seem really cute I just had to get them. I’ll probably wear them to work on a Friday. I love casual Fridays :)

Spring is in the air… enjoy it!

"It's spring fever...You don't quite know what it is you so want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Smiles

FYI- I’m re-writing this blog… Blogger had some issues and deleted my prior blog… so here I go again.

I miss you guys... I miss blogging... I had a hard time with school... but I'm back now. ... I have many many stories... new jewelry, make up, and purses that I want to show you guys. .. But we’re going to start this slow…

First of all I recently bought and finish reading this book. After reading the first of the series… I was hooked. The Carrie Diaries… check it out you might enjoy it…

So besides reading I started focusing on eating better and working out… I started going to the gym 3 months ago… I’m doing good. I can do better and I’m aiming for that. Here are some of the foods I have been enjoying while being good.

1020 E Florence Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90001
(323) 589-5109

Its super Yummy!
This is my homemade salad with lettuce, avocados, chicken breast, and cucumbers. The idea of my salad came from Rascals Teriyaki Grill it's beyond delicious. They have amazing teriyaki chicken and beef as well. I had left over dressing and hard noodles from Rascals which I added on my salad.It was delicious.

The greatest wealth is health. ~VirgilPower, 1860
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