Friday, November 5, 2010


What’s up with OCOTBER…?
October came and left in a heartbeat. Well, not realistically but it sure didn’t feel like a whole month to me. Work, school and the kids are sure keeping me busy. BUT, I love my kids, so in that factor I don’t mind. As I spend the weekend with them or maybe it’s our late night chats, I realize that they are the best thing in my life. So bye, bye month of October I’m sorry that I missed you and Hello, November. I love November holidays, weather, and specially love it because it’s my birthday month.
What I remember from October….? Hmmm oh yeah, it was Halloween and the kids had a blast. They trick or’ treated at night, hanged out with their cousins and ate some chocolate before going to bed.

Mario was the hit of the night... My little Chris looked just like Mario. We found his girlfriend... she said her name was Maria though... lol

My last minute makeup... the scary



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