Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inspirational tips...

So, the other day I was stuck on a homework assigment. So, I stopped doing it. Why? Because I felt the need to blog. Blogging inspires me to write. Blogging helps me to influence my writing. It helps by clearing my head. When Blogging, I write what I want to write. So, I usually write what’s on my mind. Once I put it on paper it helps me clear my head. Once my head is clear I concentrate on what I need to write like school papers. Doing it, it feels like I’m cleansing my mind a bit by putting all my thoughts on paper or on the computer. Once I'm done blogging I’m in the zone. You know the zone? Well the zone meaning like in the stage or phase of wanting to write. That stage makes me enjoy writing, and my thoughts are even more developed.
Another thing that helps me while I’m doing homework or writing is… music. Music? Yes, music. Music relaxes me. Well it all depends on what kind of music too. When I’m sleepy I tend to listen to something that going to keep me awake. I’ll listen to some songs that have a beat to it…like hip hop. If I’m too wired up and need to chill out and write I’ll listen to some R&B.
Even though these things help me out it might not help those that don’t know how to multi-task. My co-worker… (no names) cannot multi-task, so this will defiantly not be for him. He would start writing and listen to a song and forget what he needed to write. So again… if you can’t multi-task maybe you should not try it on a day that an important paper is due.

Multitasking: A polite way of telling someone you haven’t heard a word they said.

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