Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sickness took over my weekend. Worst part about it, it was my Halloween weekend. That was wrong in so many ways.

But you guys know me; I had to turn a negative into a positive. After taking my boys trick or treating, we got home, check the candy. Then we talked about the scary things we saw, bought and eat the best tacos ever then we watched the scary shows on Nick. I had plan on going out but this is when I was starting to get sick.

Sunday, I was sick in bed so my brother, my boys and I watched scary movies all day long. We watched the Orphan, The Omen, and The Messenger. For Breakfast we did have homemade eggs but for lunch and dinner it was sandwiches and takeout. Dinner we had BBQ from Ohana Hawaiian food. MMMMMMM!

So I’m back at work but still sick, it’s okay though being here gives me more energy to get stuff done. I also need to type my homework. This was another up and down week.

Down-Got sick
Up- Watched movies w/ family.
Down- Had to use a vacation day, which I was saving for December

Down- my charger for my laptop stopped working
Up- met a real cute guy that recommended solutions
Down- Spot that went to was too expensive

Down- Have not bought my charger
Up- Got the cute guys number
Down- I'm sure I'm not gonna call him, felt ugly that day.

Up- Found some energy yesterday, and type up my
Homework assignment on my desktop at home
Down- Try to print out my assignment at work but, wouldn’t open my Microsoft 2007 format
Down- Had to type it over.

Down- Didn’t take any cute pictures this weekend
Up- Called Best Buy and my camera will be ready on Wednesday.
Down- Have to work and go to class that day Might not be able to pick it up

More downs this time =[ It's probaly just the sickness talking though.

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  1. Good job on the costumes!! They look reallly good. The charger for my laptop stopped working too. I have to have it plugged in all the time or eles it will shut down. That takes the whole portable thing out! LOL! Oh well shit happens. Anyway thank you for your comments! Your the only 1 who leaves any! LOL!!!!!


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