Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diary page left open…

Yesterday, was like any other day woke up a little late…. Ahhh! I was running around getting the kids stuff together for school. They were off this whole week and now they’re going back to school…it hit me like a big bang on the face. “LIKE WOW SCHOOL ALREADY”! As I was wakening them up I couldn’t stop but feeling so bad, I felt like they’re vacation was not long enough. Maybe cause I didn’t take them anywhere special because of work and school. I usually do, it’s usually the beach and a movie… but this week… NOTHING! So bad. But the weather didn’t help either. The rain… yes, it was all the rain fault and that Political science test didn’t help either. I know I’ll make it up to them. At least Easter was fun, with the DVD, their new Justin Bieber CD, and the toys. OMG, why oh why did I get them that CD, it’s going to be constant playing. After getting to the office a little late and seeing some of my co-workers grouchy faces I was like great but after coffee and a minute in the office it all flip. It was actually a good day. Then after work I went to CVS. Oh yeah, and I actually text the EX. That was not smart but it was an impulse I had, but this time was not all that intimate talk about why we broke up that he always always brings up. It was a “Hey, how are you” text and that was it. So that was great. At CVS I got that face scrubber thing that I been seeing in commercial that I wanted to try. I also bought toothpaste for me and the kids kind for the boys. It was able to relax when I got home, I had dinner and washed. It was real chill and then of course I tried out my new face scrub. So far I like it but I’m not sure yet it has only been one use. I added gloss to my nails and went through my hair style book trying to figure out a new hair style, I’m so bored and tired with my old one. I also tried to figure out what brown to use on my hair. I want a chocolate brown without any red tones. Is that even possible??? After reviewing the book for about thirty minutes I realized that I should have read my school book. I have a report due sometime soon and I have not even reviewed the chapter. Again…So bad I know. My brother asked to use my truck as I was going to bed. I said “No”. Why? Cause I usually say “Yes” but I realized by giving him everything I’m not helping him at all. If I keep saying “YES” to all his requests he is never going to get the encouragement to do stuff for himself. As I was going to sleep, I felt horrible. My conscious was like “I should just given him the truck”. But deep down inside I knew I was doing the right thing. How I wish my conscious was so reassuring of that. I eventually knocked out.

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  1. I had my stepson here for his Easter vaca n i feel bad 2 cuz i had to work long hours and did nothing with him until Easter. We had a family dinner at Hometown buffet it was really nice. Now i have him this weekend so i will make it up to him!


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