Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thought bubble popped...

Late Last night I was up wondering if things in our life are destined. Was my life really supposed to be my life? Do the good happen to the good or is that something just said to make you do good? Are the lucky ones really just lucky? Are the misfortuned really meant to be misfortuned? I sometimes do believe that things were meant to be but other times, I think it all depends on the way we were raised that lead us to the choices we made which lead us to the life’s we have. However, what about those lucky moment? Was that really a lucky moment? Was that lucky moment really destined for me? Is Destiny real then? I keep going in circles trying to understand this weird world and this thing call life.


  1. Que faites-vous?-Moi...rien...


  2. I have been feeling so down lately but when the sun came out today it seemed like all my problems went away for the first time in a long time and i felt that everything no matter what i go through will be AIGHT! It will be for u too girl! ;)


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