Friday, August 19, 2011

Wake Up!

“When your alarm goes off, what you decide to do defines who you are”

I love to sleep. I feel like I can never get enough of it but, really I never can’t, cause I usually only get to sleep about five to six hours per night. So sometimes it’s hard to wake up on time. I sometimes even had nightmares that I’m going to oversleep and miss a whole day of work. I never had a nightmare of oversleeping and missing a day with a friend or school, only work. I guess I’m work obsessed. So I researched some ideas of waking up… and only posted the one that I can see myself actually doing. Check it out..

(Remember sleeping helps your health and beauty, that right there is an awesome incentive.)

But how can I wake up? Here’s some help…

1. Sleep More- Try to go to bed earlier. If you can’t then squeeze a nap in your day so you’re not over exhausted in the mornings.

2. Put your alarm away from the bed- You will have to get up to turn it off and once you’re up… stay up.

3. Set multiple alarm clocks- If one doesn’t wake you up, then the second or third one will. Try to do it no more than 5 minutes apart. Set the last one with the time you actually need to be awake.

4. No more another 10 mins.- Those additional 10 minutes can become 20 or 30 and now you’re running around like crazy and most likely will be late.

5. Jump out of bed. It’s hard but just do it, once you do, you’re up.

6. Get motivated. Even a simple one like decide that I’m going to eat my favorite food for breakfast (pancakes, egg, cereal, etc)

7. Brighten up your bedroom. The body naturally wakes up faster when it’s light outside, so keep your curtains open to use the sun to help you awake.

8. Have a drink. Drinking some water as soon as you wake up stimulates the body and will help you stay awake.

9. SPLASH! - After turning off the alarm, go immediately to the bathroom and splash some cold water in your face until you are awake.

10. Routine- Once you start waking up at a certain time every day, your body get accustomed to waking up early. So if you wake up at your usual time on the weekend, stay up. You’ll get to enjoy that time doing something productive or watch your favorite show.

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.
~Richard Whately


  1. Thanks for the tips! It takes me foreverrrrr to get out of bed! LOL

  2. I hate waking up! Love my coffee! New blog follower here!

  3. Helpful tips real helpful will try them out as of tomorrow morning


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