Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amalia's Guatemalan Restaurant

Yes, I'm Guatemalan... well both of my parents are... and that basically makes me 100% Guatemalan. I was born in Torrance, California but grew up partially in Los Angeles and then Inglewood.  I only had a chance to visit my parent’s homeland once… but I get to eat their food all the time… and I love it. Black beans and rice is my favorite meal. I can have black beans and rice everyday… with sour cream. MMMMMMM! So my co-worker wanted to visit a Guatemalan restaurant which I don’t commonly visit because I get to eat Guatemalan food on a daily basis at home. But I agree and we found a place near East LA… I must say… it was sooo good. Reminds me of my mom’s food. So delicious.!

 To start with... we all had different drinks... I had Tamarind    - A sweet tamarind juice
 Tomato sauce... with season, and salsa... very yummy salsa.

The atmosphere was great… so peaceful and clean and very appealing to the eye. They had great music… I wanted to get up to dance on a couple of the songs… I didn’t lol but the volume was good… not too loud where you can’t have a conversation. They also had an awesome outside patio as well, where the set up was also very pleasant.
Amalia's Breakfast- Steak, longaniza, fried plantains, two eggs, refried beans and cream.
Pollo Frito- Quarter of a fried chicken served with salad and Refried black beans

Camarones Al Mojo de Ajo- Delicious jumbo shrimp sautéed with fine chopped garlic, margarine and parsley
 Homemade Tortillas... The best.

 751 N. Virgil Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 644-1515

Everyone is the age of their heart.
-Guatemalan Proverb


  1. God, this all looks so good! I grew up in LA and Inglewood too. I went to Belmont in LA and Morningside in Inglewood.. I lived on Osage really close to the track.. I used to walk across that big parking lot every day to get to school ;p

  2. Wow...we were basically neighbors... How cool I went to Morningside too... class of '02

    BTW the food was yummy... check it out, when you can. I bet you'll enjoy it.

  3. I haven't tried Guatemalan food yet! Gotta check out this place one day--thanks for the review :DD

  4. Wow, all that food looks so great!! So jealous....

    I haven't had a good meal in so long....

  5. That's crazy, it's a small world ;)

  6. good posting about Amalia's Guatemalan Restaurant


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