Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sick. pictures.

Over the weekend plus Monday and Tuesday I was home with a cold. Staying at home doing nothing makes me feel worthless, so I would get up and try to do something around the house. But on Sunday… I did nothing and stayed in bed all day. Monday I did get up but… till 1pm to eat and clean a bit, because if I was going to be stuck in my room, I wanted to be stuck in a clean room.  Tuesday I felt a bit better… I made it to class in the evening… which is very important to me. Psychology is no joke… I need my notes for all exams, so I can’t miss a class… so many terms but I love that class, I have the best teacher ever. He makes sense of each term which the perfect scenario.  

These are some of the pictures I took while I was stuck at home sick for basically 3 days. I took regular pictures and use instagram to make them look sort of retro. 

Bringing back some of these styles and retro looks is absolutely brilliant.
~ Steve Davis


  1. arlin you look so pretty! i love your hair in the first and third pics. i can't believe you look that good while being sick! haha <3

  2. Thanks @Eileen... It might be my confidence increasing that's showing through my pictures... So far I have lost 39 pounds :)so I'm very happy and okay those cute looking pic was the day before I got sick lol the only one I was sick in was the one with the brick wall behind me... I went to class sick as dog.

  3. You photograph so well.. that first pic is adorable! We should all be so lucky to look that good when we're sick ;) Hope you're feeling better!

  4. hope you feel better! and great blog =)

  5. Just stopping by to say 'hey'... hope everything is good ;)

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