Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Friday....

So just wanted to share some random thoughts... (As always)

Last night I went to the movies to watch Paranormal Activity... I don't know if I was scare off my ass because I was watching at midnight, or cause I'm a believer, or cause it seem so real, But I was truly scared. I really did sleep with my light on. During the movie I literally yelled at the scary parts of the movie. So yeah I’m not advertising the movie or anything but if you like scary movies go check it out =]

A scary experience I had a while ago….

I was in the shower, shampooing my hair. Then I got one of those feeling that some one is staring at you. So I got freaked out I rinse my hair as fast I could. I even tried to do it with my eyes open because I felt the feeling more intense when I closed my eyes. As I was drying my hair in front of my bathroom mirror, I tried to convince myself I’m thinking crazy. But all of the sudden my radio turn on super loud, that it scare the hell out of me. I ran to my room and pulled the plug out. I didn’t even try to touch it. A day before all of that I had my friend in my thoughts. He had just passed away less than a month before that experience. The weirdest part about it, was every time we talked about death, he would always tell me that if he died… he would come back to scare me. That no matter what he was going to stay with me. So right after the radio thing happened, my first thought that came to my mind was… him… but then I said out loud “ I get it, your with me just please stop showing me”. I don’t know if there is another explanation like the radio had some kind of circuit trouble…but why at that very moment… after that strange feeling in the bathroom.

But I sure did get that radio out my room.


So I have been thinking of getting a new laptop. I have a dell that still works well but I want something smaller and lighter that I actually wouldn’t mind carrying around. So I saw this and thought it was OMG so cool. Now I want an apple laptop more than ever...


So I went to MAC and checked out the DSQUARED collection which was pretty cool but at first seem simple... I did like the lip eraser. However, I didn’t buy it because I had decided to get it with my next paycheck. I had already gotten plenty of stuff from the Black style collection. But then Kandee the make up artist blogged about it. I was like OH NO! Now everyone is going to go buy it. So I went to the MAC website and sure enough it was SOLD OUT! I was sooo disappointed but I did call the MAC store by my job and luckily they had 2 left so yup they are reserved and I'm picking it up during lunch.

I did buy some shadows from the black style collection which I will share some swatches.

So check that out later on.


Something to smile or laugh about...

Have a GREAT Weekend!

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  1. Loving that laptop it's hot! I am loving your blog... As a fellow makeup lover and a single mom to a beautiful son, I can definitely relate. Keep doing your thing girl!


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