Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shaded Eyes...

Earrings- F21 $3.80 (Rhinestone Anchor Earrings)
Top- F21+ $17.80 (Link is not the same but similar)
Shades- RetroCity Sunglass $10.99 (Black Pointy Cat Eye Sunglasses)

Lipstick- MAC $14.50 (Rebel)


RetroCity glasses are amazing and price just right. (Meaning super cheap)

In my basket and soon to be order.


Rocking the shades during the spring… only in LA. Our springs are weird. Either it’s too hot or too cool… get it together spring. But I’m loving it. I do have to check the weather before changing every morning because I just don’t know. So girl/guys hope you have your shades ready for action, because I’m hoping were going to have a sunny hot summer… My summer bucket list is coming soon. Still adding to it. I’m excited.

You know what, you cant see it, but underneath my sunglasses, Im rolling my eyes.

-Peyton Sawyer quotes


  1. Those shades are fierce girl! Love em! Thanks for link, I'm saving it for payday lol.

  2. Same here as soon as my paycheck hits my account I'm putting my order in lol and BTW thanks... I'm glad you liked them :)


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