Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My weekends are unplanned. Even when they are planned, it doesn’t happen. I should just take at it is. I think I can control them like my weekdays. Since on weekdays I have a schedule from when I wake up when the alarm goes off, till the time I set before going to bed. But it’s finals so I’ll soon be free. So for now I don’t mind that my weekends include nothing but studying, cooking, and staying home with my boys. My boys make my day complete. I have to be honest they do drive me insane at times but I love them sooo much and I get over it.

So cooking…yeah, I know how to cook some meals but sometimes I experiment with others. I made some grilled chicken breast, button mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and red bell pepper. It was yummy! Perfect combination with a diet coke and Tabasco.
I mentioned to my sister in law that I couldn’t figure out a way of storing my bracelets without cramming my jewelry box. It was just impossible to find any of my earrings in there. So she found this for me. It’s perfect for now because I can tell that I’ll soon need another one.

The best thing of my week and now even my weekend is going to Yogurtland. They have variety of yogurts and toppings. Good and healthy toppings such as fruits and nuts. You can also be bad and get chocolates, cheesecake bits, and other yummy stuff.

Also amazingly I can be makeup less.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend as I did. Peace and Yogurt!

There aren't enough days in the weekend.
~Rod Schmidt

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