Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet week

Crazy week… so much working, cooking, spending & fighting with my boys and a lot of nothing. So I did a little bit of shopping, eating, and working out. I eat, but then workout but, then I eat again. HAHA what’s the point. Well at least I have not gain what I have so far lost which has been twenty pounds. YEAAAH me! So I guess its okay to eat and workout so I won’t gain. Next week I’ll get in strict mode again. One thing I have done is stop eating red meat. All my lunches include lots of veggies and chicken breast. This weekend I’m planning to go to Venice Beach with my boys and visit at least one friend. Any plans for your weekend?
So there are many little shops by my house and because of school and my boy’s it’s hard to convince them to go with me to different shops. However, now that my boys are getting older they like going to new place and try new things. Well, except for the little one. He’ll go but get bored within five minutes. So I left him home on a playdate and went for tea and dessert.

Vanille De Patisserie

1620 W. Redondo Beach Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90247

Lemon Cheesecake $2.50

Strawberry shortcake $1.99

Sweet Talk $2.95

Choco pudding $1.50

Blacktea with passion fruit $1.99 plus .50 for passion fruit

It works… it dries really fast and it does have a nice gloss. I don’t know about 60 seconds though, because I didn’t count. I’m not sure if it does the rest of fade resistance, and chip-proof. We shall see.

Co-worker let me have some NIVEA... I forgot how awesome NIVEA works. I definitely will go and get my own. NIVEA reminds me of my grandmother when she was younger she use to put it on her face and when I hug her I could smell it. This is the only type of lotion my brother wears now, it also reminds me of him. I miss you Willy!

New addiction. Gift from same co-worker. Thanks Helena! If you don’t own one… you need one…. Lips are kept moist and soft.

I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert.

~Jason Love


  1. Ohhh sweets are my weakness esp cakes lol! I have the eos lib balm love it, cute pakaging but too bulky to put in my pocket lol!

  2. Daaang congrats on droppin 20! I'm gonna start working out next week cuhs I want to tone up!
    Those sweets look so gooddddd!
    Is that the Summerfruit EOS? I have that one.. smells SO good, just like peachy-O's!

  3. @Eileen Yeah it is... EOS-Summerfruit . Its my favorite one.

    @N=LC^101 it is bulky but it does a good job on doing what it got to do :)

  4. Drool.. those all look so good! I just got my first EOS balm (same flavor) and I lovvvve it!


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