Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy V-Day

Valentines is just around the corner… Hope that everyone spends it with that special someone. That special someone can be anyone you care and love like your boyfriend/girlfriend of course or even your best friend, brother/sister, favorite co-worker, or even your kids. Since my past Valentines is no longer my Valentine… I decide to get 3 new Valentines… Andrew, Bryan, and Chris. (Dayuuum)…lol (but their my kids) For Valentines were going out for dinner at Olive Garden. They have wanted me to take them there for a while or we can make it a pizza night with movies. I’ll give them the option.

So I spend last night making about 50 baggies for Andrew and Bryan’s class.

This is what they had….

(Girls had gummier bears too and of course Valentines cards were included):

I went and got me the Lady Gaga (VIVA GLAM GAGA) lipstick…

The perfect pink came out on the perfect month during the perfect days. Valentines!

No Flash...

Also got a new fix plus, the 2010 rice paper…lol (Dazzle Light) and Culture clash from the new Spring collection. I’m going to have to go back for more stuff. SOON!

With Flash....

My work valentines make up...



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  1. Ok arlin we get the point u don't have to take two pics of the same thing this isn't a photo shoot of that item heheh any happy valentines day lil cuz yes u smaller then me so u my lil cuz late but better then never. :)


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