Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!!

So this weekend was full of shopping. The kids got new clothes and I treated myself to more make up. Soooo…. (tadaa)

I got two new nail polishes.

I get my nails done and of course you would think I would use their nail polish but they don’t have the exact colors that I fall in love with.
So I got Studded and Galore Pink nail polish.

I love them both one is like a metallic look and other is like a girly hot pink.

I also got Show Orchid lipstick from MAC.

It’s so hot pink and I can’t wait to wear it this weekend.

Without Flash...

Blush Ombre- Azalea Blossom

I went to the mall with my fingers crossed to go get it because it was sold out online.

I bought the last one =]
Even though they had a sold out sticker on the display.

I also bought some smash box…

Love the lipglosses

Left- FAME Right- LUXE



Left-LUXE Right- FAME


Left- Soft lights- SENT
Middle- Blush Rush- PASSION
Right- Publish- HOT

(Sorry about my dark arm.... That's my driving hand...lol)

By the way thanks for following me =]

Use a make-up table with everything close at hand and don't rush; otherwise you'll look like a patchwork quilt.
-Lucille Ball


  1. I love pink lips with dark eyes! It looks good on you!

    Hey i don't think I'm getting your new posts either? WTF?
    Are you getting mine yet?

  2. wow some great stuff you've got there hun! I love those Smashbox lipglosses :)


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