Thursday, February 4, 2010


So this is what’s up for the month of January...

My brother turned 21… finally! We went to Dave and Buster for his Birthday… we had drinks played games… it’s was cool.

My nephew which is also my same brother son had a birthday.

He turned “2”!

Awww…so cute!

Major news!! I’m quitting my second job. I’m starting school in two weeks and I can’t do it again. Working 2 jobs, one of them fulltime and taking care of my boys…. No, no, no... Now it’s work, school, kids and my health. It’s time to use my weekends to take my kids to the park and fit in some exercise in there.

I will miss the drive and the view… I even took a picture of it.. lol (awww) I’m just the type a girl that gets attached. I know it’s bad because it makes it hard to move on.

So more news… I got some new makeup… I actually got it for my birthday but didn’t’ blog about it… I got the SMASHBOX Holiday collection pallet, high definition foundation, and an anti-shiner, and a Heartbreaker perfume…. Which “I LOVE”! ( I got so much new stuff update later)

Oh yeah, I got a COACH purse for Christmas… I love it… my colors… black and grey! (from my favorite brother...Thanks Kevin) And I got a blackberry Bold for my B-day. My DADDY gave it to me =]

Since it’s a New Year, there are new goals, new plans and I’m also changing my room. I’m trying to be even more girly… I’m redoing my room… so far this is what I change… So I got new curtains, new frames, and a new lamp… so girly right?

We also had to GRAN OPENING at my first time job. It was very busy but productive. I got to meet many of our collaborators and e even spoke with our Mayor. He was a cool guys.This is a picture of my boss and the Mayor… Two older good looking successful men! (I love my job)

So this is What’s Up “Oh Yeah I think I’m cool too ” lol… LOVE YOU GUYS.



  1. Cute bedroom! Dave and busters!! I love that place. P.s Your brothers cute! Happy b-day to him and his son!

  2. Hey srry if it's late but tell kenneth I said happy birth day I owe him 21 punches hehehehehehehe. Ur lil lovable cuzIn


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