Thursday, March 18, 2010

Natural Nails Care

So I took off my acrylic nails because it’s been months since I gave them a break. I use to give them a day or two break time before getting them re-done. But now my nails are so weak and thin. There horribly damage. Last night I cut them short and file the sides and coated them with MAC Studded nail polish and clear gloss. I need to make an emergency run to the beauty supply and find something to help them out. I think I need a break from acrylic nails for at least a month. I’ll see if I can hang, I’m so use to having them. It’s hard to type without them, my shower took longer and getting my hair done was not easy.

Any suggestion on what I can use to help them out???
I found this article which I will definitely try doing.

Hope it help other girls out there.

Sorry I been out, sill anticipating the NEWS at work. It has been postponed a little more.

Wish me Luck =]

I’m hoping for the best.

*6 tips for cute nails*

1. How to remove nail polish fast.

Press a cosmetic cotton pad saturated with nail polish remover onto the nail, wait for 10 seconds, then draw the pad to the nail tip with a 1-way stroke. Rubbing back and forth will leave stains on skin & cuticles.

2. How to create nicely shaped nails.

After filing your nails straight with a regular file, use a low grit buffing block to smooth out uneven edges to give your nails a finished look. Buffing the edges seals the open layers of filed nails to prevent breakage or chips. Use the buffing block just like the way you use your file.

3. How to remove dry, ragged cuticles quickly.

Once a week, apply a cuticle remover at the cuticle line and wait for 5 minutes. Use a cuticle wood stick and scrape back & forth at the cuticle line to remove dead cuticles- dry skin bits that cling to the base of the nail. Rinse nails with a soap gel. Use a nipper and nip - don’t pull – cuticle bits that stick up and hangnails. If your live cuticles are too thick and you want to have them trimmed, have a manicurist trim them once in a while. Frequent trimming will make them harder and thicker. Avoid trimming your own live cuticles. Use cuticle oil daily. Fast absorbing Cuticle Cure softens hard cuticles and ragged, dry cuticles and makes nails stronger and flexible, which helps reduce nail breakage. Keep Cuticle Cure in your purse or at your desk to keep cuticles looking moist after washing your hands each time.

4. Washed and dry nails.

Apply nail products, whether nail color or nail treatments, to nails that are washed and dry, free of any oil or lotion. Nail products will peel or chip when applied to dirty nails. Dead cuticles have to be removed first. If a nail product is applied over dead cuticles, it’s going to lift.

5. How to build hard, strong nails.

Always use nail care and nail treatment products that are free of toxic chemicals. Besides harming your health, formaldehyde, toluene & dibutyl phthalate cause nails to dry, yellow, and become brittle. Even if you don’t wear nail color, wearing just a nail treatment alone will prevent your nails from breakage and protect them from the drying effects of water and harsh cleaning products. Always apply a nail treatment base coat before applying nail color. When applying a nail treatment, cover the sides and the corners of the nail. These areas are where the breaks start. For fast nail growth use Grow Tougher for thin nails & slow growth nails and Nail Recovery for repair of ripped nails & peeling nails, after the removal of artificial nails. As a nail hardener and nail thickener, Instant Wrap for splitting nails is uniquely formulated to provide an instant manicure for its sheer white tint will give your nails a clean, polished look.

6. How to have a long-lasting manicure.

After cleaning and drying your nails, apply your base coat. Applying a nail treatment base coat first helps grip nail color to the nail. Always allow one coat of nail treatment to dry to the touch before applying another coat. Besides nourishing your nails, a treatment base coat will help prevent nail color stains on your nails. Apply Fast Dry Top Coat every 3 days for protection from nail color chipping and nail color peeling and to provide a high gloss shine. When applying a nail treatment or color, wipe the brush inside the bottle to remove excess. Then, put a little stroke near the cuticle line to remove a little more product before placing the brush as close as possible to the cuticle line. This method will give you thin coatings for long wear.

Some final do’s and don’ts.

  • To avoid bubbles never shake bottles of nail treatments or colors.

  • To blend nail color, turn the bottle upside down for 3 minutes.

  • After applying a fast drying top coat, just let your manicure dry naturally. Don’t: stick hands right in front of a fan; blow air from mouth on to freshly painted nails; wave hands back and forth; or place freshly painted nails under cold water.

  • Store nail products in a cool dark place like in a bathroom cabinet. Avoid putting them in a warm place or in a refrigerator. Extreme temperatures thicken and separate product formulas.

  • Don’t mix nail polish thinner with nail products. It will make nail color look dull and separate nail treatmentformulas. If a nail product is 6 months old after it’s opened, it’s time for a replacement.


  1. Your nails should be damaged from acrylic. Maybe you need to find a new nail tech? Does your tech use a drill or file heavily on your natural nails? That isn't necessary and is usually what causes the damage, not the acrylic.

  2. Sorry, meant to say "shouldn't be damaged"

  3. That actually sounds right... now that I think back on it... my nail tech does drill alot. I have ask him not to but I understand that he has to remove the oils on my nails to make the acrylic last longer. I'll try a new tech guy and see what happens =] THX FOR THE ADVICE ANONYMOUS

  4. How about getting cal gel nails instead of acrylics? They are better for your nails!

  5. Use vitamin E oil maybe mixed with jojoba oil, mix to together and let it soak on your nails and hands. I do this every night and my hands, nails, and cuticle's are smooth and pretty!

  6. Malia thanks for the idea... I will definitely try that. Sounds so relaxing too after all the typing I do. Miss Vickie... I have no idea what cal gel nails is but I'm definitely going to find out and look into that. I know that eventually I would like to get my nails done again. Thanks Ladies...

  7. yea vitamin E oil will work great :)


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