Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Saturday, I had planed to go to my Aunt’s last minute wedding ceremony. I didn’t even get to ask for the day off from work. So I had switch shifts with my co-worker and took his night shift. I had scheduled to attend the ceremony, go with the family to eat and have enough time to drive back because it was a 2 hour drive with traffic. We were waiting in the chapel for my aunt's entrance, she was in the other side of the the builiding finishing the paper work. All of the sudden I got a text from my brother, stating that the wedding was cancel. I first I thought my brother was joking. “How was it going to be cancel, if they been together for decades and we were all here. Well, it was cancelled. Some divorce documents were not finalized, so they were not able to get married. It was so SAD. So we didn’t even go out to any restaurant or anything. We decide to take the kids and half of the family to McDonalds. So we just hanged out a Mc Donald for about 2 hours and then drove home. The traffic was horrible, I only had enough time to change and go to work. I missed the fight and my friends get together and was stuck working the night-shift. However, I was there for my aunt. That was all I was worry about.


I was home on the computer which is down the hall from the front door. My mother was on the phone next to me being very loud. I couldn’t concentrate on what I was working on, so I was spinning around on the computer chair. As the chair stopped facing towards the door, I saw our dog outside the door. He was just laying there looking out. I was about to get up to open to door to let him in and scold at him for getting out. But before I got up I heard some weird noises coming from him. Then as I got closer to the door from my long hallway I seen some kids pass by and Fluffy didn’t bark. Right away I knew something was wrong. As I got closer he tried to get up and fell, I ran to him. He was cover in blood, he didn’t want anyone to grab him. He ran behind the clear bookcase display and we were asking him to come out. My mother and I moved the book case and got him out.

He was loosing alot of blodd. We couldn’t let him died so we rushed to the VET emergency room. He stayed the night there. The whole procedure was very expensive. But as a family we all contributed, to keep a member of family with us. He is getting better now, and getting lots of love and attention. It is going to be a slow recovery but the FAM BAM is willing to help out. It’s painful to see him trying to run to the door to greet us. He just sits at his place and cries when someone is coming because he can’t run to the door. All I tell him is “Fluffy it's okay we get it you want to run but you don’t have to. This time we will come to you”.


  1. We have not confirm what happend but according to the VET and his scars it might have been a bigger dog that attacked him, we don't know if he went into someones gated house or someone trew the other dog at him. =[

  2. How sad. I love animals and i seen too many of them get hit or bit. I try to keep mine in the house. Some how my cat got trained not to leave the back yard. I hope hes doing better.


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