Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome Fall!

So it’s officially fall…. Wooohoo! I love summer but fall, is my favorite season. The whether is definitely changing! New collections, new trends, and more fun. It’s the best time for evening movie nights. I love staying home on cold gloomy afternoon to watch scary movies in my sofa with a blanket and some hot cocoa or even with pizza and some coke. All I really need is the gloomy afternoon though.

Hopefully with all these exams at school I’ll have time to enjoy fall.

So school has definitely taken up all my free time, so I’ll try to keep blogging as much as I can. I really do feel bad… I have been behind on my shopping as well, Ugh! No time for anything, I missed a couple of sales =[ So sad.

But I did go check out the Style Black collection from MAC…. LOVES IT!

This picture was taken by co-worker Mrs. L Bailey… She makes awesome videos on YOUTUBE. You guys should check her out. I always been obsessed with make up. But she is taking me to a whole other level. I’m kind of scared but enjoy the thrill…lol Well everything from this collections is great. I love the penultimate eyeliner and the eye kohl pencil, to die for. The mineralize eye shadows are much pigmented and look great with the black grease paint stick.

Perfectly unordinary, My Favorite Pink, Do it up, Creme Allure

The Dazzle glass creme lip glosses are great!
I got the Crème allure and absolutely love it!

Can you

OMG.. I know I look MEAN in this picture... but trust me I'm not...I don't know why I look mad... but yeah this creme allure the forth/last one in both pics.

I also got DSquared2 scupt & Shape powder


Well its okay I guess... not really impressed. I guess I need a new contour brush to make it work better... IDK... I’ll keep playing with it.Well I'll be shopping for a couple more stuff next week and hopefully I'll get to share.

Other than shopping for make up... I been spending much time with my boys... In my sociology class last night we were discussing family and it was discussed that there is an increased in single parent families. There was some discussing of how a child can not be raised normal in a single parent family. It hurt to know that many students agreed. But what hurt the most is that 80% of those students were actually from single parent families. I’m a single mother and believe that my children are learning good values. I believed that I have been doing a great job and teaching them what is right and wrong. However, the students didn’t agree with the thought of not having all of values thought but just growing up with that empty feeling in them. Knowing that and that my children might have the same thoughts or feelings got to me. I was crying in class… no not like waa waa… it was just tears rolled down my eyes. I got my good encouraging advice from friends, Like Jacky, memo, Manny, my coworkers which I truly adore and love and enjoy working with Helena and Lauren… that all we can do it teach them right and wrong and love them as much as we can. Which I truly do, I work, learn and breathe because of them. So I’m just hoping that if the empty feeling is there, it might now be as intense as those students or others feel.

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