Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tired... but determine!

I’m sooooo tired. As soon as I get home after school, I drop every single thing. I do what I got to do, and then get ready for bed. As a lady, getting ready for bed take longer than I want it to take because it means taking off my make up, washing my face, brushing my teeth, taking my vitamins and changing into my PJS. Then I make sure I have every thing I’m going to need in my purse, then I check my closet to make sure I have something nice to wear. I pick up everything I see on the floor, and make sure the kids are in bed, tuck in, and sleeping. I then check that their clothes and back pack are set up for the next day. Finally I’m able to get in bed. It use to take me about 30 minutes to get my mind set on sleeping but since school started as soon as I close my eyes it only takes me about 30 seconds to knock out.

School it getting to me. With so much homework, so much work at work and so much homework with the kids. I really hoping I can make this work. I’m really hoping I don’t give up. I really hoping I don’t fail. I’m really hoping I don’t fall behind at work. I’m really hoping I don’t fail my kids because of my concentration on school. I’m really hoping I can do this!

"All I have right now is hope, determination and some inspiration to get me through this!"


  1. MELEAHS WAY-I'm taking 3 classes... and have a full time job and another part time one.... so yup... I tried to post a comment on your page... was not able to =/


  3. Damn that is alot of stuff on your plate. I only have 1 part time job that feels like full time and i get hella tired from that. I cant imagine how you feel. Y the hell arnt my coments working damnit?! I'll go check on that ;)Good luck with your full plate! You can do it!


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