Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hot Tuesday!

WOW it’s hot out there!

So, it’s the beginning of a new month.

Still time to plan a couple of trips. We still have some sun left!

It’s so hot and humid out there today.

I'm definitely going to get sick because it's so cold in our office and then we walk out to that
heat. I don't enjoy the heat much when I have no plans to work with it. I know that's not fair for the sun.

But hopefully I'll enjoy it this Labor Day weekend.

Remember: Drink plenty of Water!


Yesterday was my son's 6th Birthday!

Sunday we had his cake and fun get together.

Last night after work we had a TOY 'R' US day.

He loved it and we had lots of fun Shopping.

We got games for xbox and toys to play with.
I know there were many other birthdays out there for the month of August

So readers if it was your birthday well...

*Best wishes*

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