Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 Things guys wish you knew

I read this on Cosmopolitan August 2009 edition and thought it was very interesting for us girls. I also wanted to know the fellas opinions. Is it true?

1. We think its okay for us to have baggage, but yours still freaks us out.

2. We don’t understand why you like to draw out little arguments. After five minutes, we’ve mentally moved on to Xbox or working out or sex.

3. Quiet confidence is incredibly sexy.

4. Women marry men hoping to change them, and men marry women hoping they don’t change. It’s unrealistic, but it’s reality.

5. When a guy says he doesn’t know why you’re mad at him, deep down, he really does.

6. We’re terrified of ending relationships. We’re always hoping the “fade away” will work for us.

7. Men need a man cave- whether it’s an actual room or just time to decompress mentally.

8. We get self- conscious about hair on our back. A guy’s lying if he says he doesn’t manscape.

9. We like being the hunter/provider. And the last thing we want is for our girlfriend or wife to ask another hunter/provider for help. It’s an ego thing.

10. If you say to a guy “We need to talk” and he doesn’t run, he’s probably The one for you.



  1. all that stuff is so true! ugh men can be so annoying!

  2. haha ok yes these are sooo true. My husband hates it when i ask my dad for help with guy

  3. 1- yes
    2-fuck ya!
    4-I hate it but ya
    5-no, we never do, we might have like 6 things but we don't know which so not to make thongs worse we say that :)-
    7-it's called a bar
    8-what the fuck is manscape
    9-hell ya!
    10-fuck this is long


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