Friday, August 21, 2009

Paint the weekend

Its Friday... woohoo!


So I have a couple plans already... Saturday morning do some shopping (of course).

Get dolled up for no reason.
(and have fun with it)

Saturday night.... Work (ugh!) I have to start being nice to my scheduling manger again. I have not worked a Saturday night since... Well I don’t even remember when.

My only day off (Smile/Frown)

I’m going to “TRY” to get up sort of “EARLY” and make breakfast for my boys.

Then I’m going out to buy them paint stuff… and we’re goanna hang out in the back yard and paint some pictures.
(I remember in Kindergarten I use to love to paint, so it’s going to be fun!)I love coming up with some activities for them and enjoy watching them try it.

Then Sunday night… I’m having Dinner with one of my besties and my cousin. Then after were going to go watch 2 movies… I have never done two movies… (ahhhh!) I hope I’ll survive.

Were watching “District 9” and “The time traveler’s wife”…

So Readers… Make plans… have fun… and enjoy your weekend!!!

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