Friday, August 28, 2009

What A Week!

What a week!

Well had many ups and downs this week.

Up- Went shopping
Down- Stress at work

Up- Went to watch District 9 (LOVED IT)
Down- Forgot to send a payment on time (Late Fee) Ugh!

Up- Went out to eat at my favorite restaurant this week.
Down- Been Sleepy as a baby through out this whole week.

Up- Got a new book.
Down- Argument with Co-worker

Up- Realized that fall classes are starting next week.
Down- Try to sign up for classes to late…. they are mostly full =/

Up- Only work once this week at my second job so spend more time with my family
Up- Almost done reading Breaking Dawn for the second time (love it)
Up- My dad paid for my last class

Overall I had more up’s this week than downs.

Hope that everyone else had a better week... and has an even better weekend!

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