Friday, August 14, 2009


It's friday and the weekend is here...

No major plans but glad to be able to have time to spend with my kids... which I adore even though they also drive me crazy at times. But my kids can also be so funny that they amaze me on how much they know.


Well last night went to look for a couple of deals on shoes and clothes... and well I can say I found some...

I got some boyfriend tees from Target for $6. DEAL!

Then I got some cute strip socks for $1 each.... DEAL!

I got some white tees for my boys from Hanes... 6 shirts for $5... DEAL!

and I got them Jordan True Flight... from Foot Locker... on Sale!


Well I also tried a new look this week...

Something different and new... I also kept it kind of light because I was on my way to work.


Oh, I got some sunflowers for my desk this week.

I love Sunflowers... it gives my area a girly atmosphere and I just adore how they look. Try refreshing your work station with some of your favorite flowers...



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    love lots,

  2. The kids are sweet, like the cat :D
    Have a nice week, ciao!


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