Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today started as Ice cube say's… "It was a good day".

In the morning as I woke up, I felt great. Well rested. I told my self “Today is seems like its goanna be a good day”. I woke up earlier than usual, took a long shower, did my hair, and on my way to work all my favorite songs where playing on the radio. I walked in to work on time and found out that my boss was going be out the whole morning. The sun was not shining but that didn’t bother me. It reminded me that fall was truly coming soon which I have been anticipating. As soon, as the clock stroked 12, I walked out to lunch. The sun was too bright and it was so humid outside. On my way out my boss was walking in.

I decide to go eat lunch at home, and pick up some stuff I forgot. Since summer was leaving soon I choosed to make most of the sunny day. I also needed to go to the bank. However, I didn’t want to be back to late because the boss was back at the office. I drove a little bit faster than usual but at a fair speed with traffic. As soon as, I was a mile away from home, I realize the driver in front of me was on the phone. I sped around her; however I didn’t realize a police car on the side was checking the speed with his radar. So yes, he spotted me and stopped me. I got my first speeding ticket!

It was a good DAY…

"Until I wanted to do too much in one day."

1 comment:

  1. Your first speeding ticket!!! :D I hope it will be the last! ciao, have a nice day.


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